We Buy, Sale and Rent Live Whitetail Deer. Welcome to Doux Whitetails Louisiana Deer Farm home to Monster Genetics and Louisiana Monster Whitetail Deer Hunting!

  Doux Whitetails is Committed to Cross-Breeding and Stacking the Top Whitetail Deer Genetics in all North America!

Doux Whitetails will be Live breeding our does with these two 2 year old breeder bucks for 2011 / 2012 breeding season. Both are sired by PA Geronimo and out of a Ivan Hoe doe! Also Lap AI 'd fawns sired by Double Doux may be available!

A Very Limited amount of 2013 fawns will be available here in Louisianan so book your fawns early.



"Doux Whitetails

 ("Sweet Whitetails")

Doux Whitetails Rents Breeder Bucks @ $10,000.00 per season, price does not include insurance, Breeder Bucks For Sale or Rent, Stocker Bucks For Sale and Shooter Bucks For Sale!


"Doux Knack"

Rent this Breeder Stud Buck @ $10,000.00 per breeding season on your farm does not include insurance.

210" B&C @2 years

"Doux Whitetails" Live Breeding on our Farm Louisiana Monsters in Lake Charles Louisiana 70611

2007 Breeder Buck Blue4

Doux Knack @ 3 years old 250 plus inches Boone & Crockett

#482 Limited last year fawns still available from this 280 pound monster buck.

Doux Whitetails 13 years CWD monitored, TB Accredited and Brucellosis Certified

Owner: Charlie LeDoux


170 B&C @1 year old


420 inches B&C


418 inches B&C

Sundance 262

Yellow #4 (Magnum daughter)
Yellow #125 Max 270 inches B&C
Yellow #42
Yellow 62 RDM Fireball

RDM Goliath 429 B&C 

Orange 0 Redoy Bill 256"
Yellow 26 DNA: 6214 Rocket 375" Flip 280" Angus
Chief Doe
 Super Doe Waldvogel Boomer
Yellow 1 Redoy Bill 256" Redoy Jim
Danelle Buckeye
Dan H. Herd

 2011 Whitetail Deer sales & delivery Superior Genetic Fawns for sale, Super Trophy Class Shooter Bucks for sale, Super Genetic Stocker Whitetail deer for sale, Super Genetic Breeder Bucks for sale, Superior Genetic Open Doe's for sale, Bred Doe's for sale & Superior Buck Semen for sale!
Doux Whitetails will be breeding on the farm Live this 2013 season with "Doux Louisiana Geronimo"

#482 Limited last year fawns still available from this 200 pound monster buck.

"Doux Whitetails" Live Breeding on our Farm "Doux Whitetails" in Moss Bluff, Louisiana 70611 bring your does and let Geronimo cover them for a fee of $1000.00 per doe. Only tame does and must be at least 10 year CWD!


below Louisiana Geronimo latest pictures June 15,2010 and September 20, 2010 one day out of velvet

Bottle fed 2008 Buck Blue 45 "Doux Louisiana Geronimo" official score last year 2009 @ 18 months of age 137 3/8 inch official Boone & Crockett score.


Doux Whitetails 13 years CWD monitored, TB Accredited and Brucellosis Certified

Owner: Charlie LeDoux



PA Geronimo

Yellow 69
White 2 Toby

Double bred PA Geronimo  Doe

PA Geronimo

Yellow 69
PA Geronimo  Doe

PA Geronimo



Soon delivering Bred Does, Breeder Bucks and Stocker Bucks to Kentucky!  Mississippi soon can buy whitetail deer from outside the state of Mississippi and import Superior Whitetail Deer!

Click pictures to enlarge.

Louisiana Dove Hunting

2011-2012 Dove season Sept. 3-11, Oct. 15 - Nov. 27 and Dec. 17 - Jan. 2 Now Booking Dove Hunts all Dove season long! South Zone: September 3 opening day dove hunting. Charlie LeDoux's Louisiana annual Dove Hunt starts opening weekend, Dove Hunts are $100.00 per gun per day, youths ten years and younger Free with paid supervisor /or hunter. Hunts start at 12:00 noon on opening weekend! We will be hunting agricultural  fields off HWY 14 south of Hays, Louisiana

       Always lots of Doves and this dove season looks great! All hunts $100.00 in advance or at field and as low as $75.00 each if booked 10 or more Louisiana Dove Hunters in one hunt or thru out dove season 10 or more dove hunts! The term "dove" refers to the following species, and only the following species:  mourning doves, white-winged doves, Eurasian collared-doves, and ringed-turtle doves.

Daily bag limit 15 dove in aggregate, possession 30 dove in aggregate, but note:  there is no bag limit on Eurasian collared-doves or ringed turtle-doves provided that a fully feathered wing and head remain attached to the carcass of the bird. View Larger Map of Bayou Laccassine Outfitters dove hunting field, Duck and Goose Guided Hunting or e-mail Stevie Simon (337)244-3723!

  For sale , All Bucks pictured are Guaranteed live delivered to your Deer Hunting Ranch or Deer Farm. First load October 14, 2011

 prices may very so call Charlie today (337)515-HUNT(4868)

Buy or Rent Bucks Here...

Rent a Breeder Buck $10,000.00 Big Typical and non typical Bucks For Sale or rent from The Top Genetic Breeder Bucks in North America and Does, Super Stocker Bucks and Super Shooter Bucks!

For Sale these Awesome two year old Breeder Bucks in pink are sired by: Hydro Ax and Doc Doe or MaxBo Ebenezer and Max Doe or MaxBo doe! $15,500.00 each with guaranteed live delivery Oct 13th. 2011.

Superior Breeder Whitetail Bucks for sale (337)515-4868, Superior Whitetail Buck Genetics for sale with a Guaranteed Live Delivery. The monster Genetic Whitetails pictured below may be purchased for your hunt or you may purchase as a Breeder with Guaranteed live delivery to your Ranch or Breeding facility they are all off super genetics and sired by either PA Geronimo, MaxBo Ebenezer, Vortex, Rold Gold, Jykel, Loner, Malibu, Soaring Eagle, Max, MaxBo, Maxin, Shadow, Hydro Ax, Sundowner, Ivanhoe or Rolex all are EHD  vaccinated and can be DNA'd if they are not!  Bucks for sale $18,000.00 and up with Guaranteed live deliveries starting Oct.14th. 2011. Package deals for less.

For Sale nine whitetail deer doe package to be live bred and delivered!

Above view whitetail deer pedigrees of nine (9) does for sale guaranteed live delivery to your deer farm! $40,500.00 total includes delivery and live breeding to your choice of 8 superior bucks below. Click on the thumb nail to view larger. Nine top does Live bred to your choice of bucks below, check out these pedigrees!

BOOKING Trophy Deer Hunts: Hunts are booked on a "first come-first served" basis with a maximum of four (4) hunters per hunt. A $1750.00 deposit must be received before a hunt is considered to be booked. Hunts run from October through January in accordance with established whitetail hunting seasons as prescribed by the LA Wildlife & Fisheries Commission per whitetail deer hunting. See more hunting at the Bottom of this page!

North America's Serious Trophy whitetail deer hunters welcome to the best whitetail deer hunting in Louisiana. We are offering a Hunt of a Lifetime for a Super Monster trophy whitetail buck on a 400 acre preserve just a few minutes south of Shreveport, Louisiana. Deer hunts run from Friday afternoon through sunset on Sunday, offering five (5) premium early morning trophy deer hunts and late afternoon trophy deer hunts. This is a no-kill, no-pay operation with the nominal $150/day, guiding/ trespass fee if no buck deer is taken. The guiding / trespass fee is deductible from a subsequent deer hunt trophy fee.

  CONVENIENCE: These Trophy Deer hunts are conducted on private property off LA Hwy 5 near Gloster, La, approximately 15 minutes drive south from Shreveport, La. The operation is equipped with a 3 bed room, 2 bath camp with all amenities, including central heat & air, washer & dryer also DirecTV in each room, allowing our hunters to either spend the weekend on the property or commute to/ from Shreveport as desired. No meals or meal preparation are provided, however full cooking facilities, including range, oven, refrigerator, charbroil grill and outside deep fryer are provided. There is also a 24/7 restaurant and convenience store just 4 miles away. Our property offers a modern, walk-in meat cooler and limited meat processing facilities. Hunters should arrive prepared to de-bone carcasses and transport their meat with them upon departure. Our staff will be pleased to assist in field dressing, skinning and butchering of your trophy deer at no additional charge.

THE HUNT: Hunters will be placed in comfortable deer hunting stands with chairs overlooking well-used game trails and /or food plots. Hunters may pass on or select any trophy deer they desire. Any wounded animal will be considered to be "dead" and the hunter will be assessed an appropriate trophy fee, however, every effort will be made to recover any and all wounded animals. Stands are designed primarily for long gun hunters, however, archery stands are available upon request.

OPPORTUNITY/PRICING: The property offers four (9) classifications of trophy bucks at four (9) corresponding prices. The property features bucks with tremendous mass, spread and/or tine length and some with kickers and stickers.

  All Shooter Bucks with nine (9) or fewer points may be taken for $3,500.00

  All Shooter Bucks with ten (10) or more points scoring up to 169 gross B&C points are priced at $4,500.00

  All Shooter Bucks scoring 170-184 gross B&C points or more are priced at $5,500.00

  All Shooter Bucks scoring 185-199 gross B&C points are priced at $6,500.00

  All Super Bucks scoring 200-219 gross B&C points are priced at $12,500.00

  All Monster Bucks scoring 220-239 gross B&C points are priced $15,500.00 

  All Super Monster Bucks scoring 240-259 gross B&C points are priced at $17,500.00

  All Lifetime Monster Bucks scoring 260-279 gross B&C points are priced at $19,500.00

  All Lifetime Super Monster Bucks scoring 280-higher gross B&C points are priced at $21,500.00

All measuring shall be with official tapes/cables and performed by a Certified Measurer for B&C, P&Y and Certified Master Measurer for SCI. A completed score sheet shall be provided for each trophy buck deer measured.

PROVIDED: Comfortable camp w/all amenities, self-service laundry, deer stands, all transportation aboard the property, guiding, pond fishing, assistance in field dressing, skinning and processing of trophy, temporary storage of meat.

NOT PROVIDED: Food, meal preparation, alcoholic beverages & soft drinks, firearms, ammunition, hunting/ fishing licenses, hunting/ fishing gear & equipment and transportation outside the hunting property.

BOOKING Trophy Deer Hunts: Hunts are booked on a "first come-first served" basis with a maximum of four (4) hunters per hunt. A $1750.00 deposit must be received before a hunt is considered to be booked. Hunts run from October through January in accordance with established whitetail hunting seasons as prescribed by the LA Wildlife & Fisheries Commission per whitetail deer hunting in Area-2. All hunters must be properly licensed and wear an approved "hunter orange" vest while in possession of a loaded firearm. Hunters may arrive any time after 12:00 PM (noon) on Friday and should depart by approximately 7:00 PM on Sunday evening. Airport pickup and return per the Shreveport Regional Airport is available upon request at an additional round-trip fee of $150. If you are departing by air, ensure that your airline allows firearms, antlers and frozen game meat as excess baggage. Some carriers now prohibit firearms/antlers/wild game meat aboard their aircraft. We accepts certified funds, traveler’s checks and/ or cash.

Call Charlie LeDoux (337) 515-4868 or E-Mail CTheDoux ... www.MonsterGenetics.com let's Doux It!

Guided Ventures Louisiana Swamp Man Charlie LeDoux's Big Gator Hunting Adventures!

Pre season Book at $3,000.00 per Trophy Gator hunter, Trophy Louisiana ALLIGATOR Hunting Regular $3750.00 PER Alligator Hunter, Hunt Wild Alligator near Lake Charles Louisiana.


Louisiana Trophy Alligator  Hunting morning Gator Hunt, Trophy Gator three days of hunting and lodging, all meals with afternoon activities like Wild Hog, Teal Duck or Dove hunts.


Louisiana Swamp Man Hunts Big Alligators, Monsters in Southwest Louisiana. I started Gator Hunting in 1979 and have hunted gators in and along Bayou, River, Swamp, Marsh and just about anywhere the alligator exist. You and your friends are welcome to join one of my Louisiana Hunting Adventures Alligator Hunts. Transportation on the hunt, license, skinning and quartering furnished....Questions call: Charlie LeDoux

Louisiana Swamp Man Hunting Adventures (337) 515 - HUNT (4868) Trophy Monster Alligators!

STARING IN SEPTEMBER one month only! Louisiana Swamp Man Alligator Hunts, Dove Hunts, Teal Duck Hunts and Whitetail Deer Archery Hunts. Louisiana Swamp Man Trophy Alligator Hunting$3750.00 or Pre season Book at $3,000.00 per Trophy Gator hunter includes: morning Gator Hunt your Trophy Gator  for three mornings with lodging, all meals with afternoon activities like Fishing, Wild Hog, Teal Duck or Dove hunts.

Any extra gators $100.00 per tag if available and $100.00 per foot. NON HUNTERS $500.00 


or Drive in Trophy Gator Hunting Pre season Book at $2,000.00 per Trophy Gator hunter Regular $2250.00 Allows you one  Trophy Gator of any size taken during that morning alligator hunt!

Any extra gators $100.00 per tag if available and $100.00 per foot. NON HUNTERS $125.00 


or Drive in Non Trophy Gator Hunting Pre season Book at $1,250.00 per Non Trophy Gator hunter Regular $1,400.00 Allows you one  Non Trophy Gator of nine foot gator or smaller to be harvested / taken during the morning gator hunt!

Any extra gators $100.00 per tag if available and $100.00 per foot. NON HUNTERS $125.00 


All Swamp Man Alligator Hunts Includes License One tag and Morning Gator hunting only! One month "September Only", limited availability!




    American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) The American alligator is a member of the crocodile family. It can be differentiated from a crocodile by its wider snout and its bottom teeth which do not show when its jaw is closed. Alligators are found throughout the Southeast in wetlands from the Carolinas to Texas and as far north as Arkansas. They consume fish, turtles and snails as well as small animals that come to the water's edge to drink. Young alligators feed primarily on insects, crustaceans, snails, and fish. Alligators benefit the marsh ecosystem by digging holes that hold fresh water during the dry season for fish, insects, crustaceans, snakes, turtles, birds and other animals. Older males may live 30 years or more and reach lengths of 14 feet, and weights of 1,000 pounds. Thirty years ago alligators were depleted from many parts of their range by market hunting and loss of habitat. Many people believed this reptile could never recover. In 1967, this species was listed as an endangered species which prohibited alligator hunting. Their numbers were monitored and by 1987 the American alligator was considered fully recovered and was subsequently removed from the Endangered Species List. However, trade in alligator skins or derived products is still regulated since some related species -- such as crocodiles and caimans -- are still in trouble.


Louisiana Alligator Hunting Season one month only, September   Dates: September 7 thru Oct. 5, 2011

Louisiana Gator Hunts


CLICK HERE for more information on Louisiana hunting dates, license and hunter training regulations.

For information on any of the hunts, deer for sale or land for sale! please call Charlie LeDoux (337)515-HUNT(4868) anytime!


A limited number of fawns from these does will be sold, Book your fawns Now (337)515-4868 Charlie LeDoux!


Thanks and God Bless Charlie LeDoux (337)515-4868

DNA # 30510

Dewalt official score @ 18 months of age 196 6/8 inch Boone & Crockett Sept.22,2010 Official B&C @ 2yrs 250 3/8"

Meadow Lane Whitetails PA.

8 years CWD monitored, TB Accredited and Brucellosis Certified


420 inches B&C


418 inches B&C

Sundance 262

Yellow #4 (Magnum daughter)
Yellow #125

Max 270 inches B&C

Yellow #42
Blue #5

Doc 253 inches B&C

240" Marlin

Green #117 Kansas 202 inches B&C
Moose (daughter)
"Doux Whitetails" Live Breeding on our Farm Louisiana Monsters in Lake Charles Louisiana 70615

2007 Breeder Buck   White44

Doux ReFlex @ 3years old 256 6/8 inch Boone & Crockett

#428 Louisiana Monsters 8 years CWD monitored, TB Accredited and Brucellosis Certified

Owner: Charlie LeDoux


420 inches B&C


418 inches B&C

Sundance 262

Yellow #4 (Magnum daughter)
Yellow #125

Max 270 inches B&C

Yellow #42
Orange 14

Blitzen 242 B&C 

JB 211
Patrick 110
Red 8 Jasper
Orange 96

All presold fawns are always 100% guaranteed live! First come first serve basis, investors welcome! Please ask about my super does live bred to four bucks above Doux Louisiana Geronimo, Doux Knack, Doux ReFlex and Dewalt and fawns available 2010 and 2011 crop!

"Dewalt"   "High Roller"    "Dream Catcher"  "X Factor" "Rolex"  "Vortex"   " Nitro"  "Jesse"   "Redoy Jordan"  "Crab King"  "Crab Claw"  "Hacksaw" 

"RDM 44 MAG"   " BM Bill"   "Maximus"   "Legend"   "Buck Shot"   "Bucky"   'Oscar Jr."   "Double Doux"   "Dreamer"   "Vegas"   "Max"   "Slow Max"   "Sundance"


Charlie LeDoux has Doe Power at least 60% of a Bucks antlers is determined by his mother and some have said as! When I began my deer farming operations, I learned from others that to produce World Class Whitetail offspring, we must first begin with the mothers. It has been documented that what a buck has on

his head comes 60% from his mother's genetic make-up. It is for that reason I began by purchasing a few foundation Does from the best genetics available. Now I offer

Monster Genetics bred and open does, 2009 fawns and 2010 fawns for sale NOW!

Bred Does for sale, Buy these top does NOW open or leave and we will breed live to 2008 Louisiana Geronimo Blue #45 Pa Geronimo top & Pa Geronimo on bottom.
"Doux Whitetails" Live Breeding on our Farm Louisiana Monsters in Lake Charles Louisiana 70615

Bottle fed 2008 Doe Blue 43 DNA #24490

wound sister  to Louisiana Geronimo (pictures above), Doe Blue 43 "Doux Geronimo" she is bred to Doux ReFlex

and will fawn in late May 2011.

Louisiana Trophy Whitetails 8 years CWD monitored since 2003, TB Accredited and Brucellosis Certified

Owner: Charlie LeDoux


PA Geronimo Studley
Yellow 69
White 2 Toby

Double bred PA Geronimo  Doe

PA Geronimo

Yellow 69

PA Geronimo  Doe

PA Geronimo
"Doux Whitetails" Live Breeding on our Farm Louisiana Monsters in Lake Charles Louisiana 70615 


Doe Y29 for sale $4,000.00 open or $5000.00 bred

LIVE bred to Doux Knack

 Bottle fed 2008 Doe Yellow 29

Louisiana Trophy Whitetails 8 years CWD monitored since 2003, TB Accredited and Brucellosis Certified

Owner: Charlie LeDoux



Orange 16

Blitzen 242 B&C

JB 211 Johnny Buck
Patrick 112
Patrick 110 doe Son of Patrick
Pepsi doe
0059 BJB


Little Boomer
Daisy Mae
Yellow 2 Bambie
Wideload doe
Buckwheat Doe
White 124 JR

Magic Jr

251 B&C

Green 25 Darkeyes
Red 8
1 Green Buttons
2 Green TJ K 13
D 22
Orange 13 Ratchet
Red 62
"Doux Whitetails" Live Breeding on our Farm Louisiana Monsters in Lake Charles Louisiana 70615

Orange7 LIVE bred to Doux Knack 

Doe O7 for sale $4,000.00 open or $5000.00 bred

Bottle fed two 2009 does

Orange 7 dame is yellow 29


Orange9 AI'd bred to Roben  due May 28,2011

Roben is a son of Rolex out of Corbin's wound sister!

Doe O9 for sale $4,000.00 open or $5000.00 bred

Orange 9 dame is blue 32

Louisiana Trophy Whitetails 8 years CWD monitored since 2003, TB Accredited and Brucellosis Certified

Owner: Charlie LeDoux


Slough Max IMax  

Maximus CR

Blue 32
Blue 14 JB son
Yellow 27
Blue 84 JR Humpy
Litte II Big Ben
Litte I
Blue 32 is a twin to Yellow 29 Orange 16

Blitzen 242 B&C 

Patrick 110 Doe
White 124 Jr

Magic Jr

251 B&C 

Green 1
Green 2 TJ
Orange 13
Choice Doe O16 or Doe O17 for sale $4,000.00 open or $5000.00 bred

Two Does

Bottle fed 2009 doe twins

7/19/2010 Orange 17 bred to Doux Knack 

Orange 17


7/19/2010 Orange 16 AI bred to X-Factor! 

Orange 16

Louisiana Trophy Whitetails 8 years CWD monitored since 2003, TB Accredited and Brucellosis Certified

Owner: Charlie LeDoux


170 B&C @1 year old


420 inches B&C 

Highroller 418 B&C

Yellow 125 Max
Yellow 42
Yellow 62 RDM Fireball 

RDM Goliath 429 B&C

Orange 0   Redoy Bill
 Pepsi Daughter
Yellow 70


Ratchet N/A
Red 62 Orange 5 H10
Orange 35 E93
Green 2 50 50 Bashful
Yellow 99


Orange 40
Choice Doe O14 or Doe O13 for sale $4,000.00 open or $5000.00 bred 

Bottle fed 2009 doe twins

7/19/2010 Orange14

live bred to Doux Knack 

Orange 14


Orange 13

7/19/2010 Orange13

AI bred to Double Doux

Louisiana Trophy Whitetails 8 years CWD monitored since 2003, TB Accredited and Brucellosis Certified

Owner: Charlie LeDoux

RDM Buckshot @ 18 months

RDM 44MagRDM 44-Mag

RDM Gunsmoke

White 13

RDM Goliath 429 B&C

Yellow 1 Redoy Jordan
Bill Doe
Yellow 24 Jay

Magic Jr.

Rose Master Ohio Bucky
Ben Coblenz
36 Dark eyes
Green 33
Doe Y18 for sale $4,000.00 open or $5000.00 bred

Bottle fed 2009 doe

Yellow 18 Doux Oscar

Louisiana Trophy Whitetails 8 years CWD monitored since 2003, TB Accredited and Brucellosis Certified

Owner: Charlie LeDoux

Baker 298

Baker 110

Baker 36 Oscar Jr.
Baker 2
Baker 57 Oscar Jr.
Ryals 66
Baker 42 Oscar Jr. Oscar
Pure South Texas  
Baker 328

Baker 110

Baker 36 Oscar Jr.
Baker 2
Baker 57 Oscar Jr.
Ryals 66
Baker 213 Oscar Jr. Oscar

Our Whitetail bloodlines run Sweet, Deep and Wide!

RDM 44-Mag

Charlie LeDoux's Louisiana Top Monsters bred to North America's top Monster Whitetail Deer Genetics!

Charlie "The Sweet" LeDoux Monster Genetics, North America's Superior Monster Whitetail Deer Genetics from Northern White-tailed Monster Deer Genetics bred to Superior Monster Southern Whitetail Deer Genetics! 

All presold fawns are 100% guaranteed live and sold on first come first serve basis, investors welcome!

You can raise Deer on as little as one acre and in some cases smaller (337) 515-4868 call and ask me how Charlie "The Sweet"  LeDoux (consultant)


Below are two of different years pictured below Southern Genetic Monster Stud Buck Mr. Double Doux a true survivor with forty inches of antler mass, six inch matching Double drop tine and fifth teen inch G2's with near perfect match. This Great Southern Buck Deer with his natural monster genetics and southern survivor ability! Mr. Double Doux profile is what everyone has drawing or sketch of  a double drop tine monster for there logo (size matters or Texas Trophy hunters and numerous others,) DD is no drawing he is the real Deal...Double Doux (Double Sweet) pure, solid, massive and ALIVE! For the first time I will offer Mr. Double Doux 1/2 cc semen straws collected by Dr. Ray Favero is for sale. Y20 Double Doux "Double Sweet" Stud Buck limited artificial insemination A. I. $2500.00 per 1/2 cc straw with no contract, reserve yours now!

A Louisiana Cajun  Yellow #20 Mr. Double Doux he is red HOT! Aeeeee! Pure Louisiana Southern Wild Deer Bred, this is a Great Foundation of Southern Super Mass and big frame Genetics, Louisiana Delta Deer huge bodies awesome longevity! Originated from the farm belt delta region of Louisiana's Red River and Mississippi River area of Louisiana's Big Buck Corridor. Double Doux's grand father and grand mother on both side are from Louisiana wild deer herd in these areas. In two different accidents each were found on side of hwy after mother was hit by car! Do you have any Southern in you deer herd sha? Want sum? 100% Louisiana Wild Genetics "Louisiana Double Doux" is Louisiana Double Sweet. Add to your deer heard heavy mass and big large frame foundation and the survivability of a legend in his own time, call Charlie LeDoux for A. I. straws, doe fawns, bred does and lots more deer info!

Stud Buck Yellow #20  Mr. Double Doux 2008-09 Mr. Double Doux  est. 200+ B&C this year with Double Drop Tines and he is 100% Pure Louisiana Bloodline breeding to five Baker Does. Charlie LeDoux's pure southern awesome Louisiana Monster Whitetail Buck with double drop tines has as close to perfect typical antlers with perfect double drop tines to match. They are sure to create some real nice Louisiana Monsters, World Class Whitetail Deer  and possibly some of the best genetics in all of North Americas Whitetails!

  Breeders of northern deer blood lines put Southern Deer survivability Genetics Y20 Mr. Double Sweet in your herd. Investment Opportunity for Ranch Owners, Land Buyers and Northern Deer Breeders in the South I offered a high probability of survival of your northern deer heard. For the first time I will sale Double Doux 1/2 cc semen straws collected by Dr. Ray Favero, with limited availability. Semen off this incredible and most impressive South Louisiana Wild Blood Line. Artificial Insemination A. I. with a Pure Southern Louisiana Stud Buck that has survivability and Mass in his Whitetail Deer Monsters Genetics "Louisiana Double Sweet" "South Louisiana Double Doux"  (Mr.T's grandson "Louisiana Double Sweet Foundation Buck") limited straws available Jan. 2009 reserve yours now! If you looked at some of the other deer breeders and hunting preserves in the country some you see so many with logos that look like my Deer Double Doux make ya wonder. The size Matters logo  and Texas Trophy Hunter skull logos are only drawings for instance but, they know what the American Whitetail Deer Hunter wants in a Trophy Monster Deer.


Double Doux's Grand Sire Louisiana's Mr. T. father was found as wild fawn in Louisiana Louisiana Foundation Stud Buck$ for sale, lease or trade, my Genetics are Southern Survivability, long tine length and Mass the rest you can see for yourself long heavy main beams and heavy long tines  all matching 15 inch G 2's  and matching 6 inch drop tines Double Doux when heavy body weights 340 pounds on hoof and best rack scored 217 3/8.


Start today raise whitetail deer, consultant and Louisiana Whitetail deer Farmer Charlie LeDoux will work with you from building your facility to breeding programs. Safe Capture Certified, tranquilization, transportation in state, super stockers, foundation breeders & Sirs! Let me show you how you too can raise Louisiana Whitetail.


Breeder Monster Bucks, Shooter Bucks, Open Does and Bred Does for sale, fawns for sale. Louisiana Geronimo, DeWalt, X-Factor 509 inches B&C and Dream Catcher doe fawns for sale. All fawns can travel and come from accredited herds, buyers may pick-up for bottle feeding or wait till weaned and delivery will be available. Maximus great grand daughters for sale with loaded top and bottom pedigrees. Live delivery to most States available on Buck Fawns and bottle fed doe fawns deliver after weaning. All fawns are priced first come first serve basis and availability. Baker #110 2009 fawns daughter for sale! We have several open does available now and we will cover these does, for sale as bred does!



All fawns are priced first come fist serve basis and availability! Guaranteed Live Always!

Call for more information and to book your fawns (337)515-4868 Charlie LeDoux!

We fallow all Federal, State and Local laws when transporting please check your State first to make sure check your states rules and regulations!

Louisiana Monster Whitetail Shed Found in the Wild 2008 is proof enough Louisiana Wild Deer Herd is second to nun!

 South Louisiana Monsters for sale Straws, Breeder Bucks, Shooter Bucks, Open Does, Bred Does and fawns at Louisiana Deer Farm .com Stud Bucks, Breeders or Shooters, Louisiana Bred sons of Mr. Double Doux

09 Blue Mountain Bismark doe fawns and buck fawns for sale RDM 44 magnum fawns, Dream Catcher doe fawns and Maximus great grand daughters for sale in Louisiana (337)515-4868 Charlie The Doux!

Click her for Fawn Whitetail Children's Birthday Parties, "Louisiana Trophy Whitetail Petting Zoo" come enjoy our Private Wildlife Parties!


For information on any of the hunts above please call Charlie LeDoux (337)515-HUNT(4868) anytime!

Hunt Here or Wish You Had!     Call Louisiana Sportsman Charlie LeDoux (337)515-HUNT(4868)   or   E-Mail   View Larger Map of Bayou Lacassine Outfitters!

 Three days and two nights Northern Louisiana Sportsman Whitetail Hunting, possibly harvest three bucks and three does, Louisiana Law allows a buck and a doe a day on our Trophy Louisiana Fair Chase Whitetail Deer Hunts. We hunt prime private land near Jena Louisiana in LaSalle Parish and offer fair chase day deer hunts. Gun Hunt or Bow Hunt a Buck and a Doe a Day! $2200.00 with lodging and meals. paid in advance include; three days of deer hunting starting Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday Morning in my fair chase hunting area on private land, stands, food plots and feeders. Without Lodge and meals $1,900.00 or $750.00 per day, Deer Hunter arrives 30 minutes prior to each hunting session and geared up for the hunt. Each hunter will be allowed to harvest if successful one buck each day of any size, one doe each day and all varmints they wish if given the opportunity (hogs are included in some areas). Same Deer Hunt as above $1100.00 for three days but only allowed one buck and one doe in the three day hunting session and includes meals and Lodging as well!

GreatLodge Hunting and Fishing LicensesBayou Laccassine Outfitters Now Booking Louisiana Guided Ventures MIGRATORY & WATERFOWL SEASONS! Guided Duck and Goose hunting book Pre season  now at  $150.00 per gun / Regular $175.00! (Two Gun Minimum)!

No Limit Goose Hunts are $200.00 per gun! Conservation Order for Light Geese: Statewide (No-Limit) Dec. 6 (Mon) - Dec. 17 (Fri) 12 Days & Feb.5 (Sat) - Mar. 13 (Sun) 37 Days. We had a Great Teal Duck season and we thank all whom participated and enjoyed this teal duck season with us and look forward to Big Duck and Goose hunting with you all. Only $150.00 per gun (60 DAYS, 6 Duck Limit Nov. 13 (Sat) - Dec. 5 (Sun) 23 Days & Dec.18 (Sat) - Jan. 23 (Sun) 37 Days! Teal: $125.00  per Gun: September 11 - September 26 Daily bag limit 4, possession limit 8, blue-winged, green-winged and Cinnamon teal only.  Federal and state waterfowl stamps required.


September Louisiana Trophy Alligator Hunts $3750.00 with three days hunting and lodging with Meals or one day $2250.00. Includes Trophy Gator Hunt Meals and Alligator skinned, quartered and placed in your ice chest.


Rails:$100.00 per Gun: Split Season, Statewide, 70 days
 September 11 - September 26
Nov. 13 - Jan. 5 
 King and Clapper: Daily bag limit 15 in the aggregate and possession 30 in the aggregate.  Sora and Virginia: Daily and possession bag 25 in the aggregate.
Nov. 13 - Jan. 5 
Gallinules: $100.00 per Gun: Split Season, Statewide, 70 days
 September 11 - September 26
Sept. 11-26
Nov. 13 - Jan. 5 
 Common and Purple: Daily bag limit 15 in the aggregate, possession of 30 in the aggregate.
Woodcock:$100.00 per Gun: December 18 - January 31, Statewide
 Daily bag limit 3, possession limit 6.
Snipe: $100.00 per Gun: Deferred to be set in August with the duck regulations.
Nov. 6 - Dec. 10 Dec. 18 - Feb. 27 

$150.00 Daily hunt / trespass fee per hunter per day Deer or Hog Hunts free range. We show you to your stand at no extra charge. Each point over three will be $50.00 per point and any extra buck will be an extra $50.00 per point with a minimum of $300.00 per whitetail doe deer or bucks three point or smaller. Hunters may bring four wheeler to retrieve there harvest. Guides are available if needed at $200.00 per day.




Primitive Firearms
(All Either-sex
except as noted)

Still Hunt
(No Dogs Allowed)

With or
Without Dogs


Oct. 1-Jan. 31

Nov. 14-20
Jan. 25-31

Nov. 21-Dec. 11
Jan. 4-24

Dec. 12-Jan. 3


Oct. 1-Jan. 31

Oct. 24-30
Jan. 18-24

Oct. 31-Dec. 8
(39 days)

Dec. 9-Jan. 17
(40 days)


Sept. 19-Jan. 15

Oct. 10-16
Nov. 30
Dec. 4

Oct. 17-Nov. 29
Dec. 5-Jan. 10



Oct. 1-Jan. 31

Nov. 7-13
Jan. 4-11

Nov. 14-Jan. 3



Oct. 1-Jan. 31

Nov. 14-20
Dec. 26-Jan. 1
(Bucks Only)

Nov. 27-Dec. 13



Oct. 1-15
(Bucks Only)
Oct. 16-Feb. 15

Nov. 14-20
Jan. 25-31

Nov. 21-Dec. 11

Dec. 12-Jan. 24


Oct. 1-Jan. 31

Oct. 10-16
Nov. 7-13

Oct. 17
Nov. 6
Nov. 14
Nov. 29

Nov. 30-Jan. 3


Sept. 19-Jan. 15

Oct. 10-16
Nov. 30
Dec . 4

Oct. 17-Nov. 29

Dec. 5-Jan. 10

(SHOOTING HOURS: ONE-HALF HOUR BEFORE SUNRISE TO ONE-HALF HOUR AFTER SUNSET) Also consult Regulation Pamphlet for seasons or specific regulations on WMAs or specific localities.

SPECIES & Prices daily fee per Gun

2009-2010 SEASON DATES



Quail $100.00

Nov. 20 - Feb. 28



Rabbit $100.00

Oct. 2 - Feb. 28



Squirrel $100.00

Oct. 2 - Feb. 28



May 7-29*



Deer $150.00

See Schedule

1 antlered and 1 antlerless (when legal)

3 antlered and 3 antlerless per season

LOUISIANA DUCK HUNTING SEASON Pre season book now at  $150.00 per gun / Regular $175.00! (Two Gun Minimum)  WEST ZONE* (60 DAYS, 6 Duck Limit The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) is once again recommending a 60-day season be adopted for ducks and coots.  In the West Zone, the first segment will open on Nov. 8 and close on Nov. 30.  The second segment will open on Dec. 13 and run through Jan. 18.  In the East Zone, the first segment will go from Nov. 15-30.  The second segment will last from Dec. 13-Jan. 25.
Youth waterfowl weekend in the West Zone is Nov. 1-2 and in the East Zone Nov. 8-9. The daily bag limit on ducks is six and may include no more than four mallards (no more than two of which may be females), one pintail, three mottled ducks, one black duck, three wood ducks and two redheads.  The daily bag limit for scaup is one per day until Dec. 30 in the West Zone and one per day until Jan. 6 in the East Zone.  Daily bag limit for scaup is two per day on those dates and thereafter in both zones.  The daily bag limit on coots is 15.  Canvasbacks will not be allowed this year in the daily bag limit on ducks and will be closed statewide for the 2008-09 season.  In addition to the daily bag limit for ducks, the daily bag limit for mergansers is five, only two of which may be hooded mergansers.  The possession limit on ducks, coots and mergansers is twice the daily bag limit.




LOUISIANA GOOSE SEASON HUNTING SEASON Pre season book at  $150.00 per gun / Regular $175.00! (Two Gun Minimum) per Gun 2010/11 Light geese and white-fronted geese will have a 72-day season.  The first segment in the West Zone will open on Nov. 8 and close on Nov. 30.  The second segment in the West Zone will run from Dec. 13-Jan. 30.  The first segment in the East Zone will open on Nov. 3 and run until Nov. 30.  The second segment will run from Dec. 13-Jan. 25.  The daily bag limit on light geese is 20, with no possession limit.  The daily limit on white-fronted geese is two, with a possession limit of four.





$150.00 per Gun Canada Geese*  The daily bag limit is now an aggregate bag limit with white-fronted geese (specklebellies) allowing hunters to take two dark geese with no more than one being a Canada goose.  The special-permit-required Canada goose season will be from Jan. 10-25 statewide, except for a small area in southwest Louisiana.  The daily limit for Canada geese is one and the possession limit is two.  The special $5 permit may be obtained from any license vendor.



Pre season special $200.00 per Gun Regular $225.00 The Statewide Conservation Order for light geese will open in the West Zone on Dec. 1, and the first segment will close on Dec. 12.  The second segment in the West Zone will run from Jan. 31-March 8.  The first segment in the East Zone will run from Dec. 1-12, and the second segment will be from Jan. 26-March 8.  During this time, only snow, blue and Ross geese may be taken and daily bag and possession limits are eliminated.  The use of electronic calls and unplugged shotguns is permitted.  Shooting hours during the Conservation Order begin one-half hour before sunrise and extend until one-half hour after sunset.

European Tower Shoot - Our Premier Shoot

  • Lots of Fun and Action
  • $350.00 per Gun (10 Minimum)
  • Includes Shoot, Dogs, Handlers and Meal
  • 100 Pheasant released
  • Call for Details

Lodging; Duck Hunter Lodge, Goose Hunters Lodge, Dove Hunters Lodge and Upland Game Hunters Lodge in Hayes Louisiana.

  • $75.00 per Hunter / Gun & non hunters with Meals
  • $50.00 per Hunter / Gun & non hunters without Meals
  • RV Hookups $25.00 per Night

Go HOG WILD, $150.00 Daily hunt / trespass fee per hunter per day Wild Hog Hunts free range. We show you to your stand at no extra charge. Hunters may bring four wheeler to retrieve there harvest. Guides are available if needed at $200.00 per day will include cleaning one hog per day.

Guided Ventures Trophy Boar Hog Wild hunts with dogs $750.00!


(337)515 -HUNT (4868) with me Charlie LeDoux 2009 / 2010  Hunting Season!

Southwest Louisiana Duck and Goose Hunt Corporate Hunting Package, blinds for ducks and geese, mallards, pintail, teal, widgeon and speckle-belly and snow geese too, each blind will hold three customers or two customers and one guide per field blind! Hunt Ducks Opening Weekend Morning Duck Hunt and after duck hunt, Goose hunts. Price with or without Lodge and meals for hunters use of our blinds and awesome ducky area with or without guides!

Rock Canyon Ranch Corporate Hunting Package West Texas Corporate Hunt 100G$lam!   Fifty animals in twelve days up to ten guest per day. Ten Trophy Axis Bucks + ten Trophy Aoudad Rams + ten Trophy Blackbuck Antelope + ten Trophy Fallow Bucks + ten meat does Hunters choice Axis, Fallow or Blackbuck does, corporate package includes 50 animals, 12 days and 12 nights lodging, meals, transport to and from stands, capping and quartering harvested animals. (sample: eight  hunters can hunt each 3 days with a total of 32 deferent hunters over a twelve day session average cost $3125.00 each per hunter.) Located forty only minutes north of Del Rio Texas.

Vista Valley Ranch $2,500.00 includes Lodging, meals, one eight point whitetail buck, one cull whitetail buck, one Aoudad and a Turkey. West Texas Ranch, near Del Rio Texas. Book with us for your next corporate outing, In addition to being the perfect corporate trip, our facilities are open year round and are ideal for family reunions, weekend getaways, year round exotic hunts or just spending a relaxing weekend in the country. Our lodges can accommodate up to 10 guests with a minimum of 5 hunters and corporate packages can be customized to suit your company needs.

Buck Wild Ranch go Hog Wild in Shelby County Texas and San Augustine County Texas 10,000 acres Trophy wild Boar Hog Hunts $750.00 & non hunters $500.00 with Dogs or without. Three days hunting with lodging, meals, one Trophy Wild Hog, one meat hog, caped, skinned, quartered and placed in your ice chest. Electric and Water  Hook ups available also primitive camping areas for those who wish to care for themselves and day hunt /camp for only $100.00 per person per day, hunters and non hunters receive one free hog tag per day. Hunt my stands and take one wild hog of any size no extra charge and the second hog or more .75 cents per lb on hoof you weight on my scale and then you clean or we clean for $50.00 each or $75.00 to cap and clean. Located twenty minutes south of Center Texas Charlie LeDoux's Buck Wild Lodge.

NOW BOOKING Whitetail Deer HUNTS for 2010 - 2011 Whitetail Deer Hunting Season! Affordable no-kill, no-pay Whitetail deer hunting operation! Hunt Trophy Whitetail deer near Shreveport Louisiana.

We've looked at everyone's prices on the internet and most want even show there prices are  they'll say call for prices or market price. No one compares to our fair price on our biggest whitetails to our smallest, see for your self. Where ever you choose to hunt have a safe and memorable hunt. Happy Hunting Thanks and God Bless, Charlie LeDoux


BUY HD Video sunglasses HERE! > MP3, 4GB Video Camera Sunglasses See It, Hear It, Live It!

 Corporate Hunting Packages, A PASSION TO BE THE BEST it's How I ROLL!        Charlie LeDoux  http://www.trophyexotics.com

Guided Ventures in*Big Nature Land Investments*

 We are now offering on most our ranches owner financing with only 5% down we will finance for 20 years at only 6% interest, hurry don't miss out on this once and a life time own your own land opportunity!

Corporate Hunting Land Investments, buy and sale West Texas Ranch Real Estate investment, South Texas Ranches for sale and East Texas big nature land recreational acreage for sale! scroll down for Texas Hunting land for sale. 

Paris Loop Commercial Property for sale, Paris Texas! Serious inquirers call Charlie LeDoux he will be glad to schedule you a viewing on all real estate.

Once in a lifetime buy / own Your own Texas Ranch / West Texas Hunting Ranch / South Texas Working Ranch / acreage serious enquires only please.

Hello, I am Charlie LeDoux, I have been a Professional Trophy Hunting Guide for over 20 years and I know good recreational land. Recreational land investments opportunities have always been a safe investment and ownership has never been better than now guided ventures in sound land investments. Own one of our many West Texas Ranch Investment Land, South Texas big nature land real-estate. I work with a group of Texans that buy large tracts of land 50,000 acre and 100,000 acre tracks in Texas and Old Mexico fix them up with good roads and make accessible dividing into 10,000 acre Ranches and 5,000 acres ranches and return on the market for sale and / or break into smaller acreages some down to 50 acres before selling. I will be happy to show all serious inquires these Texas Low and High Fence Ranches For Sale in mainly West Texas (scroll Below listings) with some South Texas, East Texas and Hill Country Acreage For Sale! Outfitter / guide / personal entertainer / I guide Trophy Whitetail Hunts, Trophy Alligator Hunting, Wild Boar Hunt and Exotic Game Hunts currently in East Texas and West Texas, Louisiana North and South Louisiana and North Mississippi so I cover a lot of big nature land.... Just Charlie LeDoux It! (337)515-HUNT(4868) or E-Mail


" The Double Sweet Ranch " I named this Ranch Double Sweet because it is South Texas Eye Candy!

  one of a Kind Buy! South Texas World Class low fence Whitetail Deer Trophy Hunting Ranch for sale Kenedy County.

"Rancho Le Double Doux " is a Natural undisturbed South Texas Sanctuary for Whitetail Deer. It's the perfect natural deer habitat area growing these awesome un-hunted monster whitetail trophy buck deer. If you buy any of my property you may rename the land, hunt it or leave un-hunted or even lease out hunting rights as you wish!

south Texas Once in a lifetime Buy 1053 acres, low fence World Class Boone and Crockett Whitetail Deer Natural Sanctuary!  (see picture bellow)
For Sale
South Texas Sweet Eye Candy!
"Rancho Le Double Doux"
(Rancho The Double Sweet )
County: Kenedy Type: Acreage Acres: 1053
  City: Rivera State: Texas
 Rancho Le Double Doux Price: $4,000,000.00 Status: Available
Description of the Land
Once in a lifetime, Kenedy County "Rancho Le Double Doux " bordered by 2 of the largest ranches in South Texas (King Ranch and Kenedy Ranch.) This ranch offers excellent hunting opportunities, wildlife population includes This Trophy Whitetail Deer the huge World Class buck with double drop tines seen here. 1/04/09 picture was taken at Kenedy County Ranch "Rancho Le Double Doux " and has been seen several times since the picture, 200 inch bucks have been taken by surrounding property owners and hunters, Herds of Nilgai, and Coveys of Bobwhite Quail or abundant. The ranch has 10 acre fresh water lake that is absolutely beautiful. The Hunters cabin located on the ranch is fully Main Photo - Acreage in Kenedy County, Texasfunctional with electricity and running water. The Ranch has not been hunted for many years and is truly a world class whitetail sanctuary!
Surrounding Kenedy Ranch sell hunts adjacent land have taken 180  inch and large as in 200 's Boone and Crockett scoring. Hunters don't miss this one heck the Buck pictured above on the Ranch is a main frame pure in the wild south Texas whitetail buck with double drop tines this grows here naturally! For any hunter taking a buck with a drop tine is Sweet, so when I saw this magnificent Double Drop tine Buck that lived on the property I named it The Double Sweet Ranch (Rancho Le Double Doux) but you buy it, you can name the whatever you wish. The Ranch is loaded with Quail both Bob Whites and Blue Quail as well White wing dove and Morning Dove and plenty of ducks during the migration period.

Trophy Whitetail Deer don't grow any better than this anywhere Wild in all North America and the Greatest climate too.

Directions to the Land

Enter this Ranch Via a Deeded and Insurable Easement on the South side Of HWY 285 travel 9 miles through some of the most historic ranches in South Texas including The King Ranch.

call Charlie LeDoux (337) 515-4868 (HUNT) or E-Mail


Hunting Land a Great Land Investment, Opportunities in ownership in Texas Hunting properties in West Texas Ranches, South Texas Acreage and Hill Country Trophy Ranch Land For Sale! 

Texas Hill Country Ranch for sale!

 Call or E-Mail (337)515-HUNT(4868) Charlie LeDoux he will be glad to help you find your peace of heaven on earth!
   Own and Hunt Your OWN World Class Texas Trophy Whitetail and Exotic Deer Hunting Property! Our property listings include: agricultural land, generic ranches, farms, rivers, mountains, valleys, deer hunting & high fenced game ranches, investment opportunities, weekend getaways or vacation spots, resorts, conservancies and much more.  We strive to bring these glorious pieces of earth to your fingertips so that you may have the opportunity to see the best that nature has to offer. We have resources throughout the entire state of Texas and other states that provide the most up-to-date information on what kind of land is for sale. We are here to provide you with information on property for sale in the state of Texas.

We will be happy to take you on an aerial viewing of available agricultural land, generic ranches, farms, river ranches, mountain ranches, valleys, deer hunting ranches, high fenced game ranches, weekend getaway ranches, vacation spots or Investment opportunities and recreational properties below!

Don't lease, Buy Texas Trophy Hunting land that's for sale with World Class Whitetail Deer and Trophy

 Exotic Hunting Texas Style!





Acres: 3,141 Price: $25,000,000.
Type: Acreage County: Cameron
Address: Nearest City: ARROYO CITY
State: Texas Zip:

Working South Texas Ranch  for sale Great Investment Opportunity!

 RANCHO LOS SUENOS IS LOCATED ACROSS THE INTERCOSTALS WATERWAY FROM ARROYO CITY, TEXAS IN CAMERON COUNTY.  THERE ARE 3,141 ACRES AVAILABLE WITH APPROXIMATELY 24,000 FEET OF WATER FRONTAGE ON THE INTERCOSTALS WATERWAY AND THE ARROYO COLORADO RIVER. Investment opportunity on this South Texas Ranch with mineral rights and two producing gas wells, the ranch has great investment opportunity for developing on the river and for investments in wind power. We could not leave out the great hunting and fishing opportunities that are on this spectacular South Texas Ranch. Waterfowl hunting, Quail Hunting, Trophy exotic Hunting and Trophy Whitetail hunts are just a few. The fishing is spectacular with a fresh water lake and inland salt water and only 20 minutes you can be in the Gulf of Mexico for larger species such as Blue Marlin Fishing and lots more!





Current income 13,800.00 on 308 aces crp till 2012 good chances of being re-entered. $20,000.00 yr on farm subsidy till 2013  Natural gas income varies we have 40% and will let go of some potential income. Cattle grazing @ $12.00 per ac. or $37,692  per yr.  Hunting  Leases  $75,000.00  per yr.  

Potential income from Wind farm  lease would generate $2400.00 pr unit per month that fig. $840,000.00 there is a minimum and if you have any ? call. and of course the waterfront the most recent camps i have across the arroyo river are looking to be about $3000.00 per foot. Figuring conservatively we have 12,500 ft deep water at 1500.00 ft -  $18,750,000.00              also 12,500 ft shallow water at 500.00 ft--$6,250,000.00  and then you'll have 25,000 ft of off water lots at $350.00 a foot or $35,000 for 1 ac. off water  $8,750,000.00  for total of        $33,750,000.00 as you can see this land investment is a no brainer, if you got the dough. Let me know.

call Charlie LeDoux (337) 515-4868 (HUNT) or E-Mail

Texas Trophy High Fence and Low Fence Hunting Ranches For Sale!

Buy this Ranch for Sale! Doc's Indian Ridge

Trophy Texas Whitetail and Axis deer hunting has no better destination than Indian Ridge Guest Hunting Ranch.

One hour north of Del Rio Texas off Hwy 277 

 Doc's Indian Ridge Guest Hunting Ranch is located in ruggedly gorgeous Val Verde County, Texas just north of Del Rio, Texas and only about thirty minutes drive from Lake Amistad. The ranch landscape consists of numerous dry creek beds, small rocky canyons, live oak and mesquite flats and hills (small mountains) galore. The terrain is very striking in appearance and extremely fun to hunt ... or just look at for that matter.

  We at Doc's Indian Ridge Guest Hunting Ranch are very family oriented and encourage families to come hunt with us at our Texas ranch where our specialty is Trophy Texas Axis deer hunting. Unlike other Texas exotic game ranches, we offer low pressure, family oriented hunts where hunters and family members are completely at ease in their surroundings and able to hunt at their own pace and in any manner in which they feel comfortable. Texas Axis hunting at Doc's Indian Ridge Guest Hunting Ranch is done from our small lodge that will accommodate six people comfortably.

contact: John (Doc) Masse' E-Mail phone (337)302-4053   

Hunters and family members will have the opportunity to bring their own food stuff for the duration of their hunt or we will be happy to furnish all meals during your stay with us at a fee of $80.00 per person per day. The camp is equipped with a microwave oven, stove, walk-in cooler and refrigerator. 

At Doc's Indian Ridge Guest Hunting Ranch, we currently offer Texas Trophy Whitetail Deer hunting, Trophy Axis Deer hunting trips and adventures for exotic wild game, Trophy Blackbuck Antelope, Trophy Texas Aoudad sheep hunt and Trophy Texas Barbados sheep hunts. We also offer Trophy Texas Fallow deer hunting which can be done in conjunction with our Texas trophy exotic hunts and during Texas whitetail deer season.

Texas trophy hunting Ranch, we are certain you will have a wonderful time hunting with us and quite possibly take home a Trophy Axis deer, Trophy Whitetail or other trophy wild game for your wall. Doc's Indian Ridge Guest Hunting Ranch, hunters are allowed to hunt by themselves from existing hunting blinds or hunting stands or to use spot and stalk hunting tactics as they deem appropriate. Axis hunting at Indian Ridge is second to none as we have excellent big game management practices so you can see quality game on each outing. Hunters hunting at Indian Ridge Guest Hunting Ranch may choose to hunt semi guided or one on one guide service is available if needed.

Trophy fees / harvest fees apply to all wounded animals that are not recovered, you draw blood it is the same as harvest!

Prices are subject to change without notice.                            call for prices contact: John (Doc) Masse' E-Mail phone (337)302-4053

           Doc's Indian Ridge Guest Hunting Ranch

Charlie LeDoux's offering Corporate Packages on high fence and free roaming Trophy Whitetail in Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi.

We abide by and follow all State and Fed. Game and Fish Laws.


Louisiana and Texas Monster Hunts September Only Monster Alligator Season, Trophy Alligator hunting $2,000 per day hunt meet the guide at daylight hunt till 10:30 am take any gator under nine foot any gator over 9 foot mark has trophy fee of $10.00 per inch. Per Person includes One Meal, Hunting License, Tags, Transportation, Weapon, Skinning, Quartering gator and placed in your ice chest if successful this is hunting Wild Alligators and anything could happen. Non hunters $400.00 per day per person.

 To Hunt Here You Need to sign Waiver Click Here!

Attention all hunters and guest must have this waiver signed and dated prior to there hunts.

American Sportsman Resort Louisiana, Arkansas and Texas finest Trophy Deer Hunting area, corporate packages, group hunts, family packages and memberships!

 Now Booking Fully Guided and Semi Guided 2009-2010 hunting season first come first serve...

Wild Boar Hog Hunting Louisiana and Texas, Bow or Gun Hunt $750.00 allowed up to two hogs per hunter!

Hunt Texas Trophy Whitetail Deer and take all the hogs and varmints allowed by Texas Law.

Transportation to and from deer stand / hunting area may be provided upon request.

If you and your friends are looking for a great place to hunt and very secluded private area. I have the place for you with plenty of Trophy Whitetail DeerTexas Trophy Axis Deer and all other  Wild Game and some of the finest Wing Shooting in all North America not to mention the some of the finest fishing! Go West Texas call Charlie about one of my many Texas Hunting Ranches and one in South of Center Texas only 20 minutes from Toledo Bend..

Trophy Hunt (337) 515-HUNT (4868) 2010-2011 deer hunting, hunt season you may have the opportunity to hunt and harvest one of these magnificent Whitetail Monster Buck Deer. I have these and many more not yet captured on film these Monster Whitetail Deer are available for harvesting this hunting season. If you are fortunate to take one of my Louisiana Monster Whitetails.

NOW Booking Louisiana Deer Season call Charlie LeDoux today at (337)515-HUNT(4868)

Monster Hunt Trophy Whitetail Deer and Shooter Buck Hunts.


Louisiana and Texas Dove hunt $100.00 per person paid in advance or at the dove field! Our dove hunting this season will be in Southwest Louisiana on some of the finest agricultural ground in this area. This is dove country rice fields and soybean to hayfields.

  Guided, Semi Guided or Un-Guided Hunting and / or Fishing and / or Outdoor Wildlife Tour Lodge. Louisiana Finest Bow Hunt, Knife Hunts, Pistol Hunt, Black Powder Hunt, Shot Gun Hunts and Rifle Hunting in all North America. 

Limited number of Hunters!

  Rifle, Pistol or Muzzleloader Hunt   Deer Hunts, Alligator Hunting, Wild Turkey Hunt, Wild Hog Hunts and small game hunting!

GreatLodge Hunting and Fishing Licenses

 The Trophy is in the eye of the beholder. Louisiana Texas and Mississippi have lots of waterfowl, Monster Whitetail Buck Deer, Wild Boar,  Alligators, Rabbit, Squirrel and we have some of the finest Large Mouth Bass and Perch fishing in the State.

 On a personal note: Life is good I thank all my customers from the past 18 years and look forward to seeing you all again, I Welcome you to Louisiana. Avec Moi Charlie LeDoux Hunt Monster Louisiana Whitetail Buck Deer Hunts, Trophy Alligator Hunts, Wild Boar Hog Hunts, Dove Hunts, Jack Snipe Hunts, Quail Hunts, Duck Hunts, Goose Hunting, Exotic Big Game Hunting and Woodcock Hunts.


If available our green flooded timber bayous or marsh duck hunt start at $180.00 per person drive up morning or evening hunt!

Your hunt will speak for it's self!

Join today or wish you had...All prices are subject to change without  notice

call for updated prices when booking call Charlie LeDoux (337)515-4868 Call or E-Mail



Texas Trophy Hunting Ranches for sale!

Avec Moi (with me) Charlie LeDoux

(337) 515-HUNT (4868)  

World Class West Texas Trophy Hunting Ranches for sale / Texas hill country land for sale.


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