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Louisiana Monsters Whitetail Deer Farm, Whitetail Deer Petting Zoo and Whitetail Deer Educational Tours.

With our Breeding season over, Come tour with your group thru our Whitetail Sanctuaries and Whitetail Deer Farming Operation! We are open so Call today to book a 30 minute tour /visit at one of our breeding facilities. Bring your dad maybe he would like to see one of our Monster Bucks Live!

The mission of Guided Ventures Louisiana Monsters Deer Farm and Petting Zoo is to provide wholesome family fun and entertainment for your event. Come tour one of our Whitetail Deer farms with your party, on our Whitetail Deer farm individuals may have hand contact with a deer. Please do not bring any feed. We offer feed you may purchase buy the cup at our facility for hand feeding to insure our deer diet. Included is a brief time where we will provide educational facts about Whitetail Deer. Our farm is perfect for small private parties, birthday parties, family gatherings, church events, school field trips, and any event where quality, clean, educational fun is desired! Thanks for visiting our website please call for more details. We look forward to sharing a viewing of our farm with you!

Bottle feed baby whitetail deer from some of the largest whitetail deer in all of North America. Louisiana Deer Farm Petting Zoo for you and your Children's Birthday parties, family get together or your company parties. We also have several farms we can schedule your Private Tour of our Wildlife Petting Party and photo shoot!

We are in the Southwest Louisiana, Lake Charles area call (337) 515-4868 family owned and operated!

<  I have a bottle fed gentle Buck Named: Sweet's Louisiana Geronimo he is sure to be a World Record Whitetail Buck Deer, an awesome Buck you can hand feed! Come see him grow his Record Book Antlers and feel the velvet along with other bottle feed white-tailed deer! Priced with one to six persons @ 30 minute per sessions $100.00 includes 6 x 1cup of feed. each additional cup $1.00 each cup and any additional people $20.00 per person. Sorry No checks cash only at farm !



   The best defense to keep from getting sick is to use hand sanitizer and wash hands thoroughly Before and after petting animals at a petting zoo. The primary thing is to make sure children have washed their hands or sanitized their hands before petting deer and all animals, after petting or when leave the area and before eating. Washing their hands is to protect the deer as well as the children. It's good for children to be exposed to different animals, other than cats and dogs, it may be their only chance and some adults first time as well. It is also necessary to keep the animals from catching anything we ask if sick or visual signs of being sick those children will have very limited contact with animals and must take all necessary precautions.

Please no alcoholic beverages allowed or smoking, no butts!

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   Call (337)515-HUNT(4868) &  E-Mail & Hand Mail to: Charlie LeDoux -1530 Goss Ferry Road - Moss Bluff, Louisiana 70615